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Listed below are examples and existing/previous courses. Titles, descriptions, content, timing and target audiences can all be adjusted as needed.

1 hour lecture (ideal for all dental auxiliaries)

NINJA Dentistry (No, I’m Not Just any Assistant) alternative title: From Suction to Production – NINJA Dentistry

The role of the dental assistant holds limitless potential with the introduction of digital technologies into the practice. This entertaining and motivating lecture will review the capabilities and capacities of dental assistants with an emphasis on areas that will add to the bottom line as well as to the patient experience. Join Angela Severance, a NINJA and Certified in Digital Dentistry (CDD), as she reviews empowering technologies including procedures for digital intraoral scanners, chairside CAD CAM dentistry, 2­‐D and 3-­D imaging as well as proper scheduling to maximize the performance of the entire dental team. This is an ideal program to excite and encourage dental assistants to take their participation and clinical abilities to the next level.

2 hour lecture and demonstration (ideal for all dental professionals)

The Team Approach to Restorative Digital Dentistry

Maximize production while enhancing the patient experience with chairside CAD CAM Dentistry. Join Angela Severance, a NINJA and Certified in Digital Dentistry (CDD), as she reviews methods to empower the entire team to provide same day restorations through CAD CAM dentistry. Mrs. Severance will highlight through lecture and demonstration effective methods of scanning, designing and milling restorations for optimal function and esthetics. Patient communication and scheduling effectively will also be introduced as well as an overview of the integration of this technology with 2­‐D and 3­‐D imaging. This is an ideal program to excite and encourage the entire team to offer digital restorative care profitably, efficiently and successfully.

3 or 4 hour lecture, demonstration and participation (ideal for all dental professionals)

Chairside CAD CAM Dentistry – Empowering the Team

No other technology provides more benefits towards delegating and encouraging the entire team to be part of the restorative process than chairside CAD CAM dentistry. Utilizing demonstrations and hands-­on participation (pending equipment availability), Mrs. Angela Severance will lead participants through the scanning, designing and finishing a chairside restoration. In addition, Mrs. Severance will review the roles and capabilities of the team to maximize production and efficiency. A primer on scheduling for success as well as an overview of the materials and technologies available will be included. This is an ideal program for all dental professionals considering chairside CAD CAM to elevate their practice to better care and efficiency while optimizing the patient experience.

*Note: The hands-­on portion is dependent upon the equipment resources available (e.g. laptops, scanners, mills, finishing kits, ovens) ‐ responsibility of the sponsor(s).

2 or 3 hour live patient demonstration

CAD CAM Dentistry -­‐ Live Patient Care

Live patient treatment – ideal for large audiences and tradeshows. Presented in combination with a clinician, this course will run through a chairside CAD CAM restorative procedure in real time, mixed with lecture and question and answer sessions. A great program to showcase teamwork and showcase the benefits of same day restorative care.

*Note: This live demonstration requires complete operatory setup and associated equipment along with special licensing and insurance coverage, where required – responsibility of the sponsor(s) in conjunction with the presenters.

8 hours demonstration and participation

CAD CAM NINJA Dentistry: LIVE Hands-­on

A review course for NINJAs who want to take their design, clinical and CAD CAM expertise to the next level. This course will review the basics of chairside CAD CAM dentistry, with optimal techniques for intraoral scanning; various design cases and finishing of the restorations for ideal esthetics and strength. A review of the basic CAD CAM procedures, common troubleshooting solutions and exchanges amongst the participants on successful tips and techniques will maximize this course’s outcomes. This course will also provide insight and experience towards the Certified in Digital Dentistry program from Planmeca Digital Academy.

Prerequisite for attendance: This course builds on the basics of CAD CAM Dentistry. Experience with PlanmecaFIT CAD CAM system in practice is required to make the most of this course.

Course requisite: availability of laptops with the most recent PlanCAD design software. Milled restorations ready for characterization and applicable characterization kits. Responsibility of the sponsor(s).

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