What is NINJA Dentistry?

Changing the way you practice

NINJA stands for "No, I'm Not Just any Assistant" - its a movement and passion shared by dental assistants that desire to do more in their dental practice as well as in the dental profession.  It brands those professionals that embrace and welcome emerging technologies, striving to become a more valuable resource; aiding production and enhancing the dental team and patient experience in every way possible.

Think of NINJAs as dental assistants turning suction into production!  With the delegation of chairside CAD CAM dentistry, innovations in orthodontics, 2-D and 3-D imaging, as well as social media and digital practice management systems, they have all provided a springboard to elevate our profession.  Regardless your specialty or expertise, ignite your passions, take a look around this site and use the tools to encourage yourself, team members and peers to join the cause.  Share/Like/Post all the possibilities our profession has to offer as NINJAs.

Enjoy and let me and our profession hear from you!

Who am I?

Public Speaker & NINJA Master

I'm Angela Severance, RDA, CDD and dentist-wanna-be, or at least I was. I started Dental Assisting in 2000 and assisted chairside for specialty practices in pedo, perio and ortho before finding my true place in the general practice.  I love dental assisting, but eventually found myself feeling stagnant and wanting more.  I looked into dental hygiene programs as well as dental school options which is not an uncommon path for our profession...until now.  It was 2006 when I was exposed to chairside cad cam dentistry for the first time.  I witnessed a dental assistant running the cad software and co-teaching the course with her doctor.  At that very moment I saw a new potential for me as a dental assistant and realized I didn't have to change my career path.  

With cad cam dentistry I could fulfill my desire to achieve more professionally, make a difference in our patient experience AND add to our office production increasing my value as a team member. Dental assisting is not just a stepping stone - it's a career!  I now promote our great profession and what digital dentistry can do to empower the entire team through lectures and hands-on courses. NINJA Dentistry (No, I'm Not Just any Assistant) is my way of letting the world know that dental assistants can and do much more towards better, efficient, productive dentistry ALL DAY!  I know the successes digital dentistry has brought me as an individual as well what it did for our practice, so if you're like me or have an assistant like me, digital dentistry is where you need to be.  It makes dentistry fun again!

Cad Cam brought out my inner NINJA.  What brings out yours?  Join me and the NINJA movement and let's get the word out!

What others are saying?

"When I heard Angie proclaim, "I'm a freakin' NINJA" to an audience of 300 - I knew assistants were on the move!"
– Tera DeLoera RDA, CDD

"...you really have started something amazing and I am encouraged and driven by your passion."
–  Meredith Spink RDA, CDD

"Simply put, Angie is the very best motivational educator for dental teams I have ever had the privilege of working with.  The dental profession needs more NINJAs!"
– Alex Touchstone, DDS

I’d love to hear from you! Send me a message.